Current Phase: 2nd Outpost in Construction to be launched by 1 May.
Total Shares: 5900
Shares : All sold. ISSMO can broker sales as trusted 3rd party.
Offices : An auction will be placed for offices when the Factory Outpost is complete
Last updated 08:00 Eve-Time on 30th March.

Overview (IPO closed - all Shares sold)

Interstellar Starbase Syndicate <ISS>is building the first neutral, player driven trade hub in 0.0 space, accessible to all Eve-players.
Read the complete business plan here or see an investment example

For the 0.0 community in the southern regions, the ISS outpost will be a neutral haven where 0.0 alliance members and private citizens from empire can trade and exchange goods. ISS believe the outpost will help facilitate a larger permanent population in the 0.0 regions effected by the outpost.

The outpost will be built and controlled by a separate corporation controlled by ISS, called ISS Marginis Outpost corporation. Shares in ISS Marginis were offered for sale to all pilots in Eve. Share price was 10m ISK per share, all Shares were sold.

It is planned the outpost will be finished around the 1st December 2005.
Stay tuned for more news!

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